Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Push and pull systems (1)


An interesting article on open innovation and creating "creation nets" to capture value -

but one of the most interesting parts is a table on page 15 where "traditional" and "creation net" approaches to innovation are compared.

Creation nets are, when compared to traditional organizations (I'm paraphrasing here, read the whole article - it's good!)

1) focused
2) have multiple participants, which can be individuals as well as institutions
3) dispersed, rather than concentrated
4) pursue parallel innovation
5) coordinate through integration events, not stage gate reviews
6) use "constitutions" and norms for governance, rather than process manuals
7) outcome definitions tend to be high level performance specs ("prevent x from happening") rather than detailed blueprints ("use part y")
8) mobilize using pull, not push systems
9) review performance via appropriation and re-use (if something is good, it is used again)

Is it just me, or does this sound remarkably like Boyd's concepts for manouver warfare, blitzkrieg etc?

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