Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Interesting view on OODA

For starters I must apologise for lack of posting. It is shameful that blog which writes about momentum and tempo comes to grinding halt. Anyway, I hope that we both have more time to post in future. And that we get that book club started that we talked about in december.

Now to the meat of this post:

Incentive Intelligence has interesting view on OODA. Given that blog focuses on incentives in Business it doesn't come as a surprise that they relate working incentive program as a way to accelerate organizations OODA loop.

Any company that has a platform for rewarding and recognizing those that contribute to its success - whether that's employees, customers or channel partners - will have the ability to react and influence behavior more quickly - shortening the O.O.D.A. loop.

I see incentives as another the enablers to make fast transients possible. As with lean, using the technique itself doesn't guarantee success but it makes it possible and is one component more adding speed to flywheel.