Monday, 12 November 2007

Boyd in Business, elsewhere in the internet #1

I'll try to make this recurring post every once in a while when I find direct discussion about Boyd in Business around the net.

First up is Mike Smock in vSentes blog and a four part series where he interprets Boyds four questions from The Strategic Game of ? and ? (pdf at into marketing.

What is Strategy?
What is the Aim or Purpose of Strategy?
What is the Central Theme and What Are the Key Ideas that Underlie Strategy?
How Do We Play to This Theme and Activate These Ideas?

Robert Greene, author of books Power, Seduction and War has article titled OODA and You. Discussion about article and Boyd in Business continues in this forum thread called The OODA Loop & You; The strategy of allowed chaos. Allthough most of the examples covered still revolve around armed conflict.

John Martellaro writes in the Mac Observer article titled Hidden Dimensions - Apple, the OODA Loop and Staying The Course about how fast apple is running it's OODA loop and who if any is inside Apples loop.

Other than those linked now and obvious ones at there isn't that much written about Boyd in Business. Technorati searchs pretty much end up with general descriptions of OODA but nothing specific.

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