Tuesday, 20 November 2007

FedEx's founder reads military history: says selflessness is the key to effective leadership


This is not strictly about manouver competition, time-based strategy or boydian conflict, but interesting nevertheless, as it illustrates how history can be applied to modern life:

On BNet Corner Office, Fred Smith, the founder and chairman of FedEx, describes the secret to effective leadership, from Alexander the Great onwards:

" It’s the willingness of the leader to put the interests of the organization above his (or her) own interests."

However, leadership is simply a part of a bigger question - the one we're here interested in finding the answer for:

"What is the secret to winning in competitive situations?"


j said...

The secret to winning is cooperation. We are social creatures; the 'fittest' have survived by creating cohesive groups. The focus should, therefore, be reinforcing the group (or organization). (In anthropology that would be ritual, religion, et cetera.)


preston said...

The secret is that there is no secret. There are universal truths but there are not universal solutions. Many wise men express necessary conditions to winning but their sufficiency is a function of the environment. O-O-D-A will help but does not guarantee victory.