Friday, 30 November 2007

Innovative Management - Gary Hamel, Lowell Bryan and McKinsey & Co.

A very interesting article in McKinsey Quarterly:

Innovative Management: A Conversation with Lowell Bryan and Gary Hamel

I'm going to return to this later in detail, but in short, it seems that management gurus are thinking along the same lines as we are:

Gary Hamel: The outlines of the 21st-century management model are already clear. Decision-making will be more peer based; the tools of creativity will be widely distributed in organizations. Ideas will compete on an equal footing. Strategies will be built from the bottom up. Power will be a function of competence rather than of position. In terms of the future of management, we’re at the beginning of what will be a fairly long journey. You can see some of the pieces starting to come together, but we’re not there yet.
So - decision-making at low levels; wide frontage for creativity; emergent, "recon pull" strategy...


Jo said...

Happy to find you today. Boyd as in Boid or another Boyd?

Panu Kinnari said...

Boyd as in John Boyd. You seem to have interesting blog, have read some more. Your post about recon pull seemed interesting and warrants troughout reading.