Wednesday, 5 November 2008

OODA as basis for business strategy

Long time and no posts. Shame on us.

I have been trying to write, but it seems that every succesful company could be used as an example of one or another management principle if you just spin it enough. I think that has raised my bar too high when looking for that true example of company utilizing maneuver conflict. Or I have just been too lazy.

Luckily there is atleast one company that has openly based their strategy on Boyd's principles. There is writeup about them on Chet Richards' blog by Jim Bowes, writer of Secrets of a Midnight Entrepreneur. OODA Loops in Contract Manufacturing tells interesting story on how they utilized low cost software solutions to support their strategy and not other way around.

Ofcourse, being the manufacturing guy that I am would've kept manufacturing inhouse, but outsourcing volume manufacturing to experienced partner rather and try to build up manufacturing capacity in addition to product development and spread resources too thin can be wise solution for startup.

Technorati revealed this blog to me. They have nice presentation on Lean principles and OODA in software startups. Ideas seemed sensible to me.


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