Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Is there a way to survive crisis without firing people?

Henrik Mårtensson at Kallokain thinks so. He has a blog post up titled 19 Ways to Survive the Crisis Without Firing People where he does lot of acronym dropping, but at the same time managed to give at least to me some new things to look into.

Especially Donella Meadows list of places to intervene in System was interesting. Managed to skim trough it, but I think I'll have come back to this list after I have given some thought to it.

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Henrik said...


Sorry about the acronym dropping. The post is an excerpt from an email to the rather specialized cmsig (Constraints Management Interest Group).

There would have been fewer acronyms if I hadn't been so upset when I wrote the thing. I had been looking around the Internet for information about the crisis, and specifically constructive advice for business organizations.

The only things I found were a lot of attempts to explain the crisis, articles about where to pin the blame, and only one article about what to do.

The article about what to do contained advice on how to fire people, and that pushed me just a little bit over the edge.

I realize it is sometimes necessary to fire people to reduce operating expenses, but I do believe it should be a last resort, not the first thing managers think of.

I'll try to bring a little order in the acronym soup, but it will be awhile. I'll probably do it in a webcast, and those take a bit of time to script and shoot.