Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Fast Strategy

Has anyone read Fast Strategy by Yves Doz and Mikko Kosonen? Review of it in Amazon is promising:

In their Introduction, Yves Doz and Mikko Kosonen assert that strategically agile companies "not only learn to make fast turns and transform themselves without losing momentum but their CEOs and top teams also have higher ambitions: to make their companies permanently, regularly, able to take advantage of change and disruption. They want their organizations to learn to thrive on continuous waves of change, not to periodically and painfully adjust to change, in an alternation of periods of stability and moments of upheaval. Put differently, they want [everyone in] their companies [at all levels and in all areas] to learn a new competitive game: the fast strategy game - a game where nothing can be taken for granted, where no competitive advantage edge may last, where innovation and the constant development of new capabilities are the only sources of advantage."

Doz and Kosonen respond to critically important questions such as these:

What separates winners from losers in this "game"?
How differently are the winners led?
How are they organized?
How do they make decisions?
Sounds pretty much like maneuver conflict, or what do you think?

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J. M. Korhonen said...

From what I'm hearing, that's a pretty interesting book.

Dr. Kosonen used to be a guest lecturer at Helsinki University of Technology's business strategy classes - good stuff, unfortunately I seem to have misplaced my lecture notes from back then, would have been interesting to check if there are anything resembling maneuver strategies!